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Red Dancer

Little tiny dancer, are you dancing just for me?
Little red tiny dancer, why are you always spinning in circles?
Little red tiny toy dancer, will you sing another song for me if I on the switch one more time?


She had an attractive ambition and a great vision,
She was the kind of girl who inspired you not to be more like her but more like yourself,
If humans where rain she did be a hurricane,
She had bravery that made her sparkle like an emerald ,
She even made the stars jealous with a simple smile,
She did put on genuity to match her armor of grace,
Everyday she wore nothing less than confidence and always made heads turn as she walked in,
Sure she loved the chaos of life the endless adventure of living
but she always made a way to find calm in every storm,
Like a Phoenix she burned with time and from there through the flames rose her greatest self.

Naked at Heart

her heart was as pure as gold
her heart was very vurnerable
as a born child,
papercuts where fatal to heart,
a small organ wrapped in blood was
never covered in ego
as said she was naked at heart