SP orientation

On the first day, we had a Welcome tour around SP and bonding activities with the students. Later, we had some delicious lunch prepare for us and had a small lecture on do's and don'ts at SP.Finally, we dicussed the transportation and schedule before we headed home.

Camping at Taman Rimba

On the 10th of June 2018,our Adventure Club had organized a camping trip Taman Rimba waterfall.During our trip, we had many games organized such as hiking,night safari and campfires.the activities that were organizedwere mainly for community bonding and to establish friendships. on the final day, we said our goodbyes and left home with some bittersweet memories

Deepavali celebration

Singapore is the home a multiracial community were festivals and celebrations are almost held all year long with this being said. Last year, I Had the privilage to celebrae Deepavali with some of my friend's in Singapore. the day began with some delicious breakfast of chapati and tosai and then some savoury sweets such as laddus and candys. I followed my friend to a nearby temple for the morning prayers. The day had past like breeze with relatives coming over and occasional dances by the family members. I, Indeed had a great time with my friend that day